Long Island’s “Off Guard” Releases New Album “LOSING MY MIND WITH MY HEART”

August 26, 2019:

Off Guard is a four-piece Alternative-Punk band that formed in 2017:

Off Guard Long Island Band

Lead vocalist Matt Weiss, vocalist/bassist Tyler Embry, guitarist Matt Becker and drummer Nick Kolokathis blend a mix of alternative rock, emo and pop to make their own eclectic sound.

The band released their debut 5 track EP “Set the Scene” shortly after they formed, and quickly had major streaming success via Spotify and Apple Music.

Øff Guard’s new album “Losing My Mind With My Heart” deals with heavy topics such as how to cope with death, mental health and interpersonal relationships. The album features their two recently released singles “Lights” and “Bounce House”.

According to Broadwayworld.com – “Øff Guard impresses on the 8-track collection; a sleek combination of alternative, emo, and pop elements, each track possesses its’ own distinct energy and individuality. Standout tracks “Bounce House” and “Stick Around” firmly hold their own, carving out the album’s identity early on.”

Regarding this album the band released a statement: “Our new album “Losing My Mind With My Heart” is unlike any body of work we’ve released. All eight songs describe how it feels to live with everyday mental health issues. We hope to reach out to listeners across the world who live with anxiety and depression so they can discover a safe space within our music.”

“Losing My Mind With My Heart” is available on all digital platforms.

Here’s a video from the band:

Stream the album on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/6iU94O83KuWClyRJTzZIxr?si=N43qwUCUSpKbRO8lKDGNRA

To Connect with the band, here are their links:

  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/Offguardny/
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/offguardny/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/offguardny
  • Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCQXcB-7-mrGqqfvPM4dIh8Q?view_as=subscriber
  • Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/losing-my-mind-with-my-heart/1475327356

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  • Not Everyone Who Played Woodstock is Famous. Here’s the Story of a Long Islander Who Performed There:

    August 13, 2019:

    Bert Sommer is one of the many Woodstock performers whose fame has not endured after 50 years, and that’s a story worth telling too.

    Long Island's Bert Sommer

    Sommer was the perfect poster boy for Woodstock. The 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Long Island, was hard to miss. A Tim Buckley lookalike, he sported shoulder-length curly hair, a headband, bare feet and a voice like a dove’s.

    Despite being involved in two of the most famous counterculture events of the ’60s — Hair and Woodstock, and despite having a standing ovation and a 10-song set at Woodstock, Sommer’s songs were left off the Woodstock Movie, records, cd’s and DVD’s.

    However, there’s good news: In 2005, producing partners Andy Zax and Brian Kehew came across the Woodstock recordings in the Warner Brothers Vault. For the 50th Anniversary, they put together the 38-disc box set Woodstock 50 — Back to the Garden — The Definitive 50th Anniversary Archive (Rhino Records). It includes every note of music played at the festival (save for three songs) — including, on the 38-CD box, all of Sommer’s songs that were previously left off.

    Here’s video of Sommer’s Woodstock performance:

    Time Magazine recently covered his fascinating story. Here’s a link: https://time.com/5648246/woodstock-bert-sommer/

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    Dino Skatepark Releases “Highway Home” Video

    July 15, 2019:

    Here’s the seven-piece Progressive Rock band’s newest video release:

    Long Island music band Dino Skatepark

    Dino Skatepark is a local progressive rock band with strong Pop-Punk and Ska-Punk roots.

    The group finds a unique way to blend a balance of many different styles and sounds into their music to appeal to as many listeners as possible.

    You can follow Dino Skatepark on Bandsintown, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with their upcoming shows. Stay tuned for more!

  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DinoSkatepark

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/dinoskatepark/

  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dinoskatepark/

  • EPK: https://dinoskatepark.wixsite.com/dinoskatepark

    As promised here’s their new video – Highway Home; it’s a great song:

    Please help support Dino Skatepark by checking out their iTunes and Spotify pages where their entire catalog can be purchased or streamed:

  • iTunes/Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/patchwork-ep/1469289467

  • Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5NsR02VXsDO9yaWIsPXSgy

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  • In case you missed any of Under the Radar’s recent blogs

    July 12, 2019:

    Check out these stories and a lot more:

    **photo description here**

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    Long Island’s Amen Arthur Releases His First Album

    July 6, 2019:

    Available in stores and online, this project focuses on a variety of struggles faced in his life and how he overcame them:

    Amen Arthur first cd release

    While in school for Biomedical Engineering at Stony Brook University, Amen utilized every opportunity to perform at on Campus events. This exposure lead to a plethora of opportunities including sponsorships from Red Bull, WUSB radio interviews and having his music featured on the Soundtrack of the BET show ‘Situationships’.

    In 2017, his fans took to calling him Amenboi. He has since been releasing music consistently but began experimenting with his sound years prior to that.

    Amen’s debut album can be best described as an intersection between melodic and lyrical rap. With punchlines obscured through entendre you’ll want to play each song over and over again, and in doing so you’ll find new meanings each time.

    In 2019, he released his brand ‘Artistic Ambitions’ which focuses on the connectivity of film art and music. Using this brand, he spreads the message of the importance of individuality, freedom of thought and creative expression.

    To check out and purchase Amen’s music here are his links:

    Website: http://www.artisticambitions.org/

    Social media: https://soundcloud.com/amenboi

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amenboi

    Album: https://song.link/album/us/i/1469639679

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