Mike DelGuidice & Big Shot Have a Big Heart

May 10, 2018

In addition to celebrating the music of Billy Joel, the band is donating part of each ticket sale to the American Heart Association:

Billy Joel Tribute Band Mike DelGuidice and Big Shot

On Friday May 18th, Mike DelGuidice & Big Shot will play the Paramount in Huntington and $3.00 of every ticket sold for this show will be donated to the American Heart Association.

DelGuidice, from Miller Place Long Island, is fresh off his acting debut on the second-season finale of Kevin Can Wait. Also appearing in the episode are comedians Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.

The three guest stars play old band-mates of Kevin James’ character; and as you can probably guess, the episode involves getting their 80s band, “Smokefish” back together again.

If you’re wondering how DelGuidice got this dream television role, he has some past history with Kevin James. Back in 2015, DelGuidice was the opening act for Billy Joel’s closing concert at the Coliseum before renovations took place.

Kevin James was there that evening and played with Joel on “Miami 2017″. Months later, James texted DelGuidice to see if he possibly had a song they could use as the theme to his CBS show Kevin Can Wait. DelGuidice sent him “Ordinary Guy,” a tune he wrote in 2011 and James used it as the theme song on the show. Incidentally, Kevin Can Wait is filmed right here in Bethpage.

This is far from the first time DelGuidice & Big Shot have helped out with fundraising for charities. In 2016 Big Shot   teamed up with the Suffolk County Police Department to raise money through a concert named “Help Stop The Long Island Heroin Epidemic”  in Patchogue.

Additionally, DelGuidice and Big Shot appear each year on Mike Francesa’s WFAN annual charity radio event. That broadcast, produced each year at Mulcahy’s in Wantagh, benefits the John Theissen Children’s Foundation which raises funds for their holiday toy drive and other important causes throughout the year.

To purchase tickets to this special Paramount May 18th concert: https://www1.ticketmaster.com/event/0000547EC8DFC0B5?Camefrom=CFC_PARAMOUNT_THEATER_BIGSHOTAMERICANHEART_SS&brand=paramountny&awtrc=true

To donate to the American Heart Association: https://lifeiswhy.org/donate/?s_src=Paramount

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How To Use Facebook and a Blog to Get Viewers to Your Band’s Website

May 8, 2018

My blog, Under the Radar has taken off. Some days the blog has over 1,000 unique visitors. Below you’ll find ways you can have success too:

Under the Radar blog tells how to use facebook to get readers to your website

I’m getting the hang of this blog-stuff and how to drive traffic to my web site.

As most of you know, my blog was started recently to help local musicians get some needed publicity.

An additional benefit of doing this blog is that I’m hoping that my band, The Breslau Bombers, gains some publicity too since my band-mates agreed to have us host the Under the Radar blog site.

Although I’m still learning the ropes of running and marketing a blog, I know from my full-time career in marketing how important it is to try new marketing platforms, and to test new ideas and campaigns. The most important thing I’ve learned in my thirty years in the world of marketing is to try new things; and it’s imperative that each and every attempt is followed by an analysis of the results.

That means you have to measure and decipher what’s working and what isn’t and you need to factor in the cost . The higher the monetary cost of the specific marketing item, the more success you will need to make it worth while. There’s no excuse to keep throwing away money and not knowing if a campaign or advertising expense is cost effective.

It’s hard to argue that Facebook will not yield results – especially since the cost of Facebook marketing can be free. And Facebook has a very economical program where for a small amount of money, they will help get your messages out to people you don’t know.

If you’re like me, using Facebook to drive traffic to your blog and/or website, you will want to see this link to a recent article that has great advice. I’m using ideas in the article with terrific results.

Perhaps you should too! Here’s the link: https://blog.wishpond.com/post/64306069299/12-effective-ways-to-use-fac

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Bus Duty – The Band That Does Schoolhouse Rock

May 6, 2018

A great band, a terrific cause, and an outstanding venue, all helped to produce a special evening:

Bus Duty Band

The Long Island band Bus Duty is what can happen when a group of public-school teachers get together and form a rock band.

I met the group and it’s members at a recent fundraiser for the Cody L. Byrnes Memorial Foundation. Cody was a student at their school who passed away of cancer. The band donated their time and helped raise money for this charity. The donations go towards a great cause – scholarships in Cody’s name. Scholarships are awarded each year.

Bus Duty focuses on pop and rock classics from the 60s through 90s and a lot of music from today. The band got its start when a few teachers at an elementary school (Sunquam Elementary, which is part of the Half Hollow Hills School District) started to perform for school events and fund-raisers.

The teachers had so much fun and realized they sounded quite good. To make matters even better, there was an instant and great chemistry within the band.

Make no mistake – the band was not assembled with rock – “wanna be’s” who were not qualified or ready to gig. Three of the Bus Duty members are full-time music teachers and they and the other band members have extensive experience in gigging in other bands.

Fast forward five years and Bus Duty  has quickly become a favorite of fans in the tri-state area. Performing both original music as well as an eclectic blend of cover songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and current hits, the group always leaves their audiences screaming for more. Although members are mostly full time teachers, they still find time to gig locally a couple of times a month.

Rick Purdy, a guitarist for the band, mentioned “besides the cover music that we perform, the band also performs and is getting read to record some original music – as I have been writing and publishing music for years with different groups in several genres.”

Be sure to visit their website to see when they are playing and GET ON THE BUS!

The Bus Duty  members are:

  • Larry Janotta
  • Meredith Szypot
  • Chris Camarata
  • Pamela Hyland
  • Tim Eckstrum
  • Rick Purdy
  • Eddie Fields

    Here’s a link to their website: www.busdutyband.com

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  • Completely Unchained Captures the Sounds, Looks and Excitement of a Van Halen Concert

    May 3, 2018

    Pictured below, Gene Henricksen as David Lee Roth and Johnny Roggio as Eddie Van Halen:

    Long Island Van Halen tribute band completely unchained

    Gene Henriksen’s is the lead singer for the Van Halen tribute band Completely Unchained, and for a middle-aged guy, keeps himself in amazing shape so he can go shirtless on stage and do the acrobatic leaps that David Lee Roth became famous for in the 1980s.

    Having performed professionally for more than 30 years, Henriksen knows it’s vital to look the part of David Lee Roth as well as sound like Van Halen’s original singer if you want to be the front-man in the ultimate Van Halen tribute band. Fortunately, Henriksen is almost a vocal clone and dead-ringer looks-wise of Roth during his original Van Halen days.

    Tribute bands are quite common these days, and there are several on the circuit that perform the music of Van Halen (even a couple on Long Island). But Henriksen says Van Halen fans should check out his band because they get it closer than anyone else.

    Henriksen’s career path to Completely Unchained began in the 1980s, when he and guitarist Johnny Roggio were members of a Long Island-based band called Rough Cut. After the band broke up, each member went their separate ways.

    In 2009, Henriksen — a drummer by trade — received a phone call from Roggio, whom he hadn’t heard from in many years. Roggio was in a Van Halen tribute band that was having issues with its lead singer.

    Roggio remembered the Rough Cut days, when Henriksen used to leave his drum kit and step out in front to sing like Roth when the band performed Van Halen songs.

    “So I did a rehearsal with the guys, we ended up doing a show and everybody that came to the show thought it was great,” Henriksen recalls during a phone call from his Long Island home. “I always wanted to do a Van Halen tribute band, and it just seemed to be the right time with the right bunch of guys. It’s probably one of the best tribute bands you want to be in. Being in an Aerosmith band is great, but anyone can do Steven Tyler. But being David Lee Roth in a Van Halen tribute band has gotta be the coolest thing you can do.”

    Besides the music and vocals, another thing that separates Completely Unchained from other Van Halen wannabe bands is their staging. Henriksen, who has a separate business that helps raise funds for school districts on Long Island, began accumulating things such as lighting trusses and video screens for his fundraising shows.

    When he joined the group that would become Completely Unchained, he convinced the other band members that looking the part of Van Halen was as important as sounding like them.

    “I told the guys we needed to give (the audience) a complete Van Halen show,” he says. “I told them we needed to take it over the top. We needed to have smoke machines, a follow spot(light), the lighting trusses. I’m an effects type of guy. When you go to see a band like Van Halen or AC/DC, you have to have a little extra.”

    Although they perform around the country, there are some parts of the country where the band does better than others. The Northeast, especially New Jersey and Long Island, is a given.

    But the band has proven to be very popular in Florida and performs around 30 shows a year in the Sunshine State.

    “When it comes to tribute bands, you’ve gotta be careful in certain parts of the country,” Henriksen explains. “You’ve gotta watch the way you market yourself.”

    Completely Unchained covers the full Van Halen catalogue, from the original – band days, through the Roth era and includes Sammy Hagar’s tenure.

    The band members are:
  • Gene Henriksen (Lead Singer)
  • Johnny Roggio (Guitar), and capable of playing Eddie Van Halen songs note for note
  • Mason Swearingen (Bass) and sounds exactly like Sammy Hagar
  • George Pagonis (Drums

    To learn more about the band, their gig schedule, view great photos and watch band videos, please visit their website: http://www.completelyunchainedrocks.com/the-band/

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  • Utopia Right Here on Long Island

    May 1, 2018

    Tonight, Tuesday May 1st, is your chance to see Todd Rundgren and Utopia at the Paramount, located in Huntington Long Island.

    Todd Rundgren on Long Island's under the radar

    Doors open at 7 PM and the show begins at 8 PM.

    According to the band’s official Biography:

      For 32 years, fans have been clamoring for a reunion. The wait is over.

      No longer able to turn a deaf ear to the unceasing requests from fans and the media alike, Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, Willie Wilcox are reuniting for their first North American tour since the Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded. Presented by SiriusXM and produced by Live Nation, TODD RUNDGREN’S UTOPIA will be performing across North America beginning on April 18 .

      In celebration of the upcoming reunion tour, Friday Music will be releasing a 7-disc box extravaganza THE ROAD TO UTOPIA: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS (1974-82). This limited edition collection will bring each of their seven classic albums to life, now in first-time CD digipak gatefold covers featuring the original album artwork elements, rare inner sleeve art, newly written commentary from the band and more. The box set has a scheduled street date of April 20. Pre-orers are open now on Amazon.

      Todd Rundgren’s Utopia formed in 1974 out of Todd’s desire to explore new musical territory after four years of making solo albums (including the seminal “Something/Anything?”, which included radio core evergreens “Hello It’s Me” and “I Saw The Light”, and which prompted the rock press to dub him “Rock’s New Wunderkind”, and “Rock’s Renaissance Man”). Starting as a prog-rock-progenitor septet, the band’s music ranged from extended synth experiments to four-song albums, while their live shows were distinguished by their ahead-of-the-curve video backdrops and computer-generated music.

      In 1976, the group evolved into the shiny mainstream power-pop rock quartet “Utopia,” uniting Rundgren on guitar with Willie Wilcox on drums, Roger Powell on keyboards, and Kasim Sulton on bass. Known for their hallmark lyrics, lush inventive background vocals and a voracious appetite for the highest level of musicianship, Utopia was the quintessential “musician’s band”, Every member took his turn singing lead on every album, and all songwriting was collaborative.

      By 1980, Utopia had developed into a hit-making entity in its own right. Standout Utopia albums included Oops! Wrong Planet, Adventures in Utopia, and Oblivion, spawning hits including “Rock Love,” “Set Me Free,” “Mated,” and “Love Is The Answer (which also became a #1 global hit for England Dan and John Ford Coley).”

      Utopia’s tours, among the first to aggressively incorporate then-state-of-the-art video technology (produced at Todd’s own Utopia Video Studios), were earmarked by some of the most lavish, outrageous, and audacious stage productions in rock history. Their headline concerts frequently featured such opening acts as future superstars Cheap Trick and The Cars, and the band performed at some of the 70s most epic festivals, including three times at Knebworth Castle in the UK – one with the Rolling Stones in 1976 and twice with Led Zeppelin in 1979, before a combined audience of over 1,200,000 (amongst them a Who’s Who of rock royalty, including Paul McCartney and David Gilmour).

      Here’s the link for tickets: https://paramountny.com/shows/todd-rundgrens-utopia

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