June 5, 2019:

Singers, sisters, and songwriters, Kelly & Kat have just released their debut single, “One Day” a pop empowering break-up anthem:

long island's kelly & Kat singers

There’s no doubt that Kelly & Kat are very talented. In 2014 Kelly & Kat made a commercial appearance during the American Music Awards, performing their harmonized rendition of the smash hit Let it Go. This amazing opportunity was the result of winning Disney and Kohl’s National Sing Your Frozen Heart Out Contest. Their performance was terrific and captivated millions of viewers.

Since then, Kelly & Kat have been writing and performing while developing their unique sound and style.

In early 2018, Kelly & Kat signed on to work with Grammy Award winning No Doubt drummer Adrian Young and musician/producer Quinn Lamont Luke (a.k.a. Bing Ji Ling). Young and Luke produced, co-wrote, and played on all of the tracks.

The four of them split time last summer in New York City, and in upstate New York (near Woodstock), at the famous Dreamland Recording Studio.

It was at Dreamland, where the duo recorded their first EP – Nobody Knows.

Kelly & Kat plan to release a few originals from the EP throughout the summer of 2019. The material combines elements of pop, jazz, and rock along with their signature harmonies. The singles include songs with driving beats and themes of self empowerment as Kelly & Kat sing about lost love, self reflection, and starting over.

“One Day” is currently available everywhere.

To keep up with song releases and performance dates you can check out www.kellyandkat.com or follow them at @KellyandKat everywhere.

Here is a link to their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KellyandKatMusic/

Here’s a video the duo did:

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