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Linda Sussman is back with another full-length CD!

June 18, 2019:

Linda Sussman, a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Huntington Station has a unique alt-folk and blues sound:

Linda Sussman Long Island musician

Her just-released “Pass It On Down” (May 2019, label: Sing Out Proud Music), is her second full-length CD of all originals. The CD’s 10 tracks, which feature Sussman’s strong vocals and lyrics which KTAL DJ Ron Cooke call “provocative and compelling,” cut across a host of genres, from blues to alt-folk to folk-rock to bluegrass and country blues.

Sussman acknowledges that her time spent in the recording and mixing studios on nearly back-to-back full-length projects was quite ambitious and a bit insane, but she quickly notes she would not have done it any differently. “I’m just driven to get my music out there,” she says. “Although it is incredibly challenging still to be juggling a full-time day job and have enough time and energy left over to focus on my music, there is simply an undeniable pull that I need to satisfy. So I just keep moving forward balancing it all the best way I can.”

As to the mix of styles on “Pass It On Down,” Sussman says, “I go wherever the music or lyrics take me, and I try not to let myself be boxed into any one category.”

Sussman co-produced both “Pass It On Down” (2019) and her preceding CD, “Every Road” (2018), with Mike Nugent, who complements Sussman’s strong fingerstyle and rhythm guitar with his masterful and elegant riffs on lead electric guitar, dobro, and bass. “Pass It On Down” also features a number of top-flight musicians well-known in the NY metro area and beyond: Cosmo Mallardi (acoustic/electric bass), Mark Mancini (piano), Richie Guerrero (percussion), Cindy Quart (piano), and Lisa Gutkin (fiddle, of The Klezmatics). Backing vocals are added not only by Sussman herself but by Janice Buckner, Cecilia Kirtland, Anne O’Rourke, Greg Seck, and Cindy Quart.

A number of the songs (including “Truckload of Blues”, “Chasin’ That Train”, “Proud Woman”, Cryin’”, and the title track “Pass It On Down”) are already receiving radio play across the US and UK on stations, including WUSB (Stony Brook, NY), KTAL (Las Cruces, NM), WFHB (Bloomington, IN), Radio Summerhall (Edinburgh, Scotland), WOMR (Provincetown, MA), and elsewhere.

Sussman is currently planning a CD Release Party, which she hopes will include the full band (Linda Sussman Collective)…watch this blog for her upcoming event announcement!


CD Baby:

CD available on all streaming, including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc.

Facebook (where you can like her music page!):


To Contact Linda:

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10 Lessons Learned From Recording a CD

June 14, 2019:

Josie Bello is a Huntington based Singer-Songwriter. Her debut CD (Can’t Go Home) is currently getting radio play in the U.S. and Europe. Here are her tips to help others find success when recording and distributing their music:

Josie Bello cd and music advise

Always curious about how locally produced CDs are made, Under The Radar asked Josie to share a list of “lessons learned” from making her album. Josie sat down for some additional comments from two other Long Island musicians whose CDs get spins on the radio — Linda Sussman (Pass It On Down, Every Road) and Marian Mastrorilli (Light This Candle, Down to Earth).

1. Make a Good Impression: Every track on your CD should be the best possible representation of your music. A shorter collection of your best work is preferable to a longer one that contains tracks you feel are mediocre.

2. Have a plan: Know which songs you want to record, pick a studio you feel comfortable working at, find any collaborating musicians you will need, develop a budget and work schedule. Talk to local musicians whose recordings you like and ask for their advice and recommendations for studios and producers. Open mics and local shows are good ways to network.

3. Be Prepared: Have good charts for your collaborators and rehearse prior to recording sessions. Linda advises “Know what you want to do in the studio before you walk through the door, BUT, at the same time, stay open to suggestions (if you are collaborating or working with a producer)…sometimes the best sounds are those that you hadn’t planned!”

4. Use background vocals: Good background vocals will make your recording shine. A producer can sometimes envision background vocals where the artist doesn’t. Have fun experimenting with it!

5. The placement of songs on the CD is important: Search online for articles that will give you some ideas about what order to place your songs in. Marian’s advice is to “play around with your sequencing to see what gives your CD the right flow. Make test playlists and tweak accordingly”

6. Get Your Tracks Mastered: If you want to get radio play, or get your tunes uploaded to sites that are used by advertising, TV and film music supervisors for their projects– get your tunes mastered. Marian added that mastering is important because she “recorded at different locations, with different players, at different times. Mastering tied the songs together sonically”

7. It’s not right until it sounds right to you: Even if you’ve assembled the best team to work with, it’s not finished until it sounds right to you. Linda commented “Stay true to yourself and the sound you want to capture. Let whatever you’ve recorded ‘breathe’ for a while. Listen in the car, listen on a device with headphones…wait for the post-session thrill to wear off a bit and get some distance–I was surprised at how my ears began to hear a bit more objectively after some time had passed. Overall, don’t rush the process…”

8. Copyright Your Songs: It’s always a good idea to have your lyrics and sound recording registered with the US Copyright office at You can copyright each song individually and/or copyright the entire CD as a collection.

9.Submit for Radio Play: Search online for radio stations, programs and podcasts (worldwide) that play your genre of music. Find submission procedures on their websites. Mailed CDs must be accompanied by a “one sheet” which you can learn how to create online. (I learned about one-sheets from Linda Sussman!)

10. Do Your Research: Many reputable websites publish articles about writing, performing, recording and marketing your music. Many Youtube videos address these matters as well. Sign up for online newsletters from BMI, and CD Baby My favorite book about songwriting is an out-of-print book you can track down online– The Craft of Lyric Writing by Sheila Davis.

As Marian said, “I remember reading this somewhere, and I adhered to it. When you release your CD, inform EVERYONE you know! This may open doorways you never imagined!”

Thanks Josie, as always we appreciate your advice and wisdom!

Josie’s music is available on most digital distribution platforms such as iTunes and CD Baby. A hard copy of the CD can also be purchased at CD Baby. Here’s the link:

For additional news on Josie, and upcoming appearances, please visit (and like her facebook page): and her official website:

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Long Island’s Kelly & Kat Release Their Debut Single

June 5, 2019:

Singers, sisters, and songwriters, Kelly & Kat have just released their debut single, “One Day” a pop empowering break-up anthem:

long island's kelly & Kat singers

There’s no doubt that Kelly & Kat are very talented. In 2014 Kelly & Kat made a commercial appearance during the American Music Awards, performing their harmonized rendition of the smash hit Let it Go. This amazing opportunity was the result of winning Disney and Kohl’s National Sing Your Frozen Heart Out Contest. Their performance was terrific and captivated millions of viewers.

Since then, Kelly & Kat have been writing and performing while developing their unique sound and style.

In early 2018, Kelly & Kat signed on to work with Grammy Award winning No Doubt drummer Adrian Young and musician/producer Quinn Lamont Luke (a.k.a. Bing Ji Ling). Young and Luke produced, co-wrote, and played on all of the tracks.

The four of them split time last summer in New York City, and in upstate New York (near Woodstock), at the famous Dreamland Recording Studio.

It was at Dreamland, where the duo recorded their first EP – Nobody Knows.

Kelly & Kat plan to release a few originals from the EP throughout the summer of 2019. The material combines elements of pop, jazz, and rock along with their signature harmonies. The singles include songs with driving beats and themes of self empowerment as Kelly & Kat sing about lost love, self reflection, and starting over.

“One Day” is currently available everywhere.

To keep up with song releases and performance dates you can check out or follow them at @KellyandKat everywhere.

Here is a link to their facebook page:

Here’s a video the duo did:

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In case you missed any of Under the Radar’s recent blogs

June 4, 2019:

Check out these stories and a lot more:

under the radar, long island music

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