April 18, 2019:

The six-song EP is titled Madeleine and is available for download:

Sound Garden - Long Island band

If some of these musicians look familiar, there’s a good reason: Victory Garden actually consists of musicians from other Long Island bands: Chris and Danny Smith, who play guitar in Victory Garden, also play in Backtrack.

Mike Smith, Victory Garden’s bass player, also is a member of the band Hangman. Rounding out Victory Garden’s lineup are two members from the band Capital – Joey Saccente and Duncan MacDougal. MacDougal sings for Victory Garden, which surprisingly, is something he hasn’t done since his time in early-2000s – when he was with another Long Island hardcore band – Thieves and Assassins.

According to Mike Musilli, writing for Noecho.net “The demo absolutely pounds with melodic hardcore and punk foundations. Victory Garden pulls from so many of the best aspects of hardcore and punk while still creating a cohesive and original sound for themselves. There’s something for everyone in this first batch of songs from Victory Garden.”

To check out Sound Garden’s EP, here’s the link: https://victorygardenli.bandcamp.com/album/madeleine

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