March 26, 2019:

This incredible band is like a time machine – transporting listeners back to the 70s:

45 rpm long island band

If you haven’t seen 45 RPM at one of their many of their local appearances, than what are you waiting for?

Just about every weekend the band can be found somewhere on Long Island, pumping out those well-known songs so many of us grew up listening to.

The band members are: Danny Calvagna – lead vocals, Linda Mackley – drums and vocals, Michael Barberich – guitar and vocals, Simon Walsh – bass and vocals, Tony Tallarico – keyboards, and Michael Hack – keyboards, guitar, and vocals.

With five outstanding vocalists, this group can nail just about any song, however they shine on those classic 70′s hits that don’t get much air play anymore.

Recently Digital Journal had this to say about the band that promises and delvers fun: “Overall, 45 RPM delivered a noteworthy opening set at Mulcahy’s. Their songs were eclectic and they took their audience back to simpler times. 45 RPM is worth seeing in concert whenever they come to town. One thing is for certain: songs from the ’70s will never go out of style, and it is great that 45 RPM breathes fresh life into them. Their set garnered two thumbs up.”

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