December 19, 2018:

On January 11th, the newest members of Long Island’s Music Hall of Fame, will release their eighth full length album.

taking back sunday long island band new album

The band is celebrating their 20th anniversary, so in honor of this special accomplishment, the legendary Long Island group’s new studio album, is appropriately titled Twenty.

When asked about the upcoming release, vocalist Adam Lazzara described it as the best playlist could band could muster up.

“We kind of live in this world of streaming right now. Everybody listens to playlists, so I think if anything, we’ve just put together the best Taking Back Sunday playlist we could, all in one neat little package for you so you don’t have to go through everything and move stuff around.”- Lazzara in an interview with Mixdown Magazine.

If the bands newest single “All Ready To Go” is any indication of what’s to come than the veterans look poised to continue their multi-decade dominance over the pop punk scene.

Meanwhile check out the band’s official tour trailer video:

To visit the band’s official website, click here:

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