December 8, 2018:

According to Tina, the song “Solo” is about “being content with yourself and loneliness.”

Tina DeCara Long Island singer

The song’s is uplifting, and according to Music Mayhem Magazine “will have you singing and dancing along for weeks after the first listen. This new single is all about loving yourself when you’re at your loneliest. Quite often, we’ve set upon a path of success that leads us down a path that only we can travel. This is especially true when pursuing the art of music and pushing onwards to the success as a recording artist, with all its highs and lows.

That’s how “Solo” came to be when Tina was feeling low and alone with the need to share her internal struggles in a format for her to push on her own path of success.”

Tina added “I wrote this song when I was feeling down about not having people to rely on. Then I realized I have my music. That’s where Solo became! Then I recorded it on my phone and went to my friends studio in queens and exploded all over the mic. I hope others connect with this song and realize how powerful music can be. You can always count on music and yourself.”

Check out Tina’s “Solo” video:

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