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Long Island Band to release ‘Holy Ghost’ EP and play a local fundraiser

December 28, 2018:

Oceanside’s Charlie Parks, is the singer and guitarist of Lubricoma. The hard rock band’s second EP, Holy Ghosts, will be released on December 29, and will be celebrated during the “Rock Against Cancer” party at Revolution Bar in Amityville.

Lubricoma long island band

The release party will double as a benefit fundraiser for 1in9, a nonprofit that has been fighting cancer since 1990 and operates the Hewlett House, a resource center for cancer patients and their families.

The connection to the nonprofit is fitting, as Holy Ghosts explores themes similar to those affected — like loneliness, judgment, forgiveness and romance. But where the subject matter could easily lend itself to mere anthems for the downtrodden, Lubricoma’s musical approach is energetic and even uplifting at times – from Parks’ vocal range to the crushing, masterful guitar work and colorful keyboard touches.

“I think the key to our sound is a rawness that we try and let shine through beyond any production,” said Parks, a 2003 Oceanside High School graduate and current South Shore resident. All five members, he added, reside on Long Island. “We’re a rock band, but within that there’s so much you can do and so many places you can go. It may be heavy or loud and can also get more intimate and minimal.”

Since the band’s start, 11 years ago, Lubricoma has performed across Long Island, opening for national and international rock bands including Alien Ant Farm, and members of Guns ‘n’ Roses and Soulfly. These hard rock influences are evident in anthems like “15 Years,” which features a monstrous riff and lyrics that delve into experiences of estrangement and reemergence. Four more alternative metal-inspired originals follow and the EP closes with a modern rock cover of Depeche Mode’s 1990 hit, “Enjoy the Silence.”

Justin Smulison at wrote a comprehensive story about Parks, his band and the charity event. Here’s the link:,110299

Tickets are $20 can be purchased at: and

For additional information about Charlie Parks and Lubricoma, please visit: and their facebook page:

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Digital Journal Picks Mulcahy’s Pub as Long Island’s Top Nightclub

December 26, 2018:

Mulcahy’s Pub and Concert Hall has been ranked as the top nightclub on Long Island for the year 2018. Here’s why:

Mulchay's pub

The easy-to-get-to venue, established in 1965, is located in Wantagh and is a stone’s throw from the train station. The well-known venue has consistently hosted some of the biggest events and happenings on Long Island over the past year (and in fact, many years).

A few of Mulcahy’s events this year included a 90s night, disco and freestyle performances, the annual Halloween Party, Thanksgiving Eve celebration, the Ugly Sweater party and the upcoming New Year’s Eve festivities.

It lives up to its motto of “good, clean fun,” for patrons over 21.

Some of the most popular cover bands that have residencies at this venue, and play there often, include Big Shot, Zac Brown Tribute Band, Shilelagh Law, and Badfish.

Incidentally, the Long Island Press, who declared Mulcahy’s the best in 2016, noted that the top voted nightclub in 2018 is Islip’s Treme Blues and Jazz Club.

To learn more about Mulcahy’s Pub and see who’s playing there soon, visit their official website:

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Long Island’s Taking Back Sunday Getting Ready to Release a New Album

December 19, 2018:

On January 11th, the newest members of Long Island’s Music Hall of Fame, will release their eighth full length album.

taking back sunday long island band new album

The band is celebrating their 20th anniversary, so in honor of this special accomplishment, the legendary Long Island group’s new studio album, is appropriately titled Twenty.

When asked about the upcoming release, vocalist Adam Lazzara described it as the best playlist could band could muster up.

“We kind of live in this world of streaming right now. Everybody listens to playlists, so I think if anything, we’ve just put together the best Taking Back Sunday playlist we could, all in one neat little package for you so you don’t have to go through everything and move stuff around.”- Lazzara in an interview with Mixdown Magazine.

If the bands newest single “All Ready To Go” is any indication of what’s to come than the veterans look poised to continue their multi-decade dominance over the pop punk scene.

Meanwhile check out the band’s official tour trailer video:

To visit the band’s official website, click here:

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In case you missed any of Under the Radar’s recent blogs

December 10, 2018:

Scroll down to see these stories and a lot more:

Uner the Radar - Long Island NY Musical talent

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Long Island’s Tina DeCara Releases New Single Titled “Solo”

December 8, 2018:

According to Tina, the song “Solo” is about “being content with yourself and loneliness.”

Tina DeCara Long Island singer

The song’s is uplifting, and according to Music Mayhem Magazine “will have you singing and dancing along for weeks after the first listen. This new single is all about loving yourself when you’re at your loneliest. Quite often, we’ve set upon a path of success that leads us down a path that only we can travel. This is especially true when pursuing the art of music and pushing onwards to the success as a recording artist, with all its highs and lows.

That’s how “Solo” came to be when Tina was feeling low and alone with the need to share her internal struggles in a format for her to push on her own path of success.”

Tina added “I wrote this song when I was feeling down about not having people to rely on. Then I realized I have my music. That’s where Solo became! Then I recorded it on my phone and went to my friends studio in queens and exploded all over the mic. I hope others connect with this song and realize how powerful music can be. You can always count on music and yourself.”

Check out Tina’s “Solo” video:

To learn more about Tina, and to follow her rising music career, here are the links you need:





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