November 20, 2018:

The Long Island based artist used to perform acoustic folk in local bars, but now is converting his lyric folk songs to dance/edm; pulling on his dance, hip-hop and funk roots (all with the lyrical folk sensibilities).

Toby TomTom Long Island artist and musician

According to his website (link below), Toby TomTom is an Artist Songwriter/producer and visual artist from Akron, Ohio now based out of Long Island, New York. He is driven by the lyrical honesty and simplicity of folk music. His song lyrics and melodies are written in his dreams, chorded out on acoustic guitar and, converted into sonic events pulling on his roots in EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Hip-Hop/R&B, Funk, Jazz & Classical music!

According to Toby TomTom, he wrote his song Born 2 Be Free!, for his youngest son. Toby says “it reminds all of us that love conquers fear and we have the right, and most importantly, the fight, to be free! Ain’t no shackles!”

Here’s his video – Born 2 Be Free!

Check out his facebook page:

Here’s a link to his website:

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