October 31, 2018:

Last week Pellegrino posted a live performance of her new original song “This Time” on YouTube.

Long island's Emi Pellegrino

On the video (see below) Pellegrino can be seen and heard playing a keyboard on “This Time,” and “she allows her rich, crystalline vocals to shine”, according to a review at digitaljournal.com by Markos Papadatos. He added “The listener can recall Lady Gaga meets the piercing pipes of Mariah Carey, and both of these comparisons ought to be taken as a major compliment.”

This is the first original song Pellegrino has written in four years, and she’s extremely proud of he new song, adding that it has become one of her favorites.

Here’s the video:

Pellegrino is not exactly under the radar, as she has been nominated for “Best Singer from Long Island” in the prestigious 2019 Best of Long Island competition.

Papadatos also added “whether it is an original song or a cover tune, Emi Pelligrino’s vocals have no limits. Her range and control are incredible, as always. She is a true force to be reckoned with in the Long Island music scene, and hopefully, there will be more original music from Pellegrino in the near future. ‘This Time’ garners an A rating.”

To learn more about Emi Pellegrino and her terrific music, please be sure to visit her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EmiPellegrinoMusic/

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