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Long Islander Emi Pellegrino Releases New Song and Video

October 31, 2018:

Last week Pellegrino posted a live performance of her new original song “This Time” on YouTube.

Long island's Emi Pellegrino

On the video (see below) Pellegrino can be seen and heard playing a keyboard on “This Time,” and “she allows her rich, crystalline vocals to shine”, according to a review at by Markos Papadatos. He added “The listener can recall Lady Gaga meets the piercing pipes of Mariah Carey, and both of these comparisons ought to be taken as a major compliment.”

This is the first original song Pellegrino has written in four years, and she’s extremely proud of he new song, adding that it has become one of her favorites.

Here’s the video:

Pellegrino is not exactly under the radar, as she has been nominated for “Best Singer from Long Island” in the prestigious 2019 Best of Long Island competition.

Papadatos also added “whether it is an original song or a cover tune, Emi Pelligrino’s vocals have no limits. Her range and control are incredible, as always. She is a true force to be reckoned with in the Long Island music scene, and hopefully, there will be more original music from Pellegrino in the near future. ‘This Time’ garners an A rating.”

To learn more about Emi Pellegrino and her terrific music, please be sure to visit her facebook page:

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Billy Joel’s Lead Guitarist Voted into Long Island Music Hall of Fame

October 27, 2018:

Veteran guitarist Tommy Byrnes, gets the prestigious honor in a couple of weeks:

Tommy Byrnes Long Island Music Hall of Fame, Billy Joel Band, Big Shot Band

The Long Island Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place on November 8th at The Space at Westbury.

Byrnes will be inducted by his boss, the “Piano Man” Billy Joel. Byrnes is from the South Shore of Long Island and has been in Billy Joel’s band for 28 years.

Byrnes has been Billy Joel’s musical director during those 28 years and as a guitar player, he has played over 50 times at Madison Square Garden. “I was told the other day, that I have played there more than any other guitar player, and I have never thought of it that way,” he said.

His 28 years with he band makes him the third-longest current member behind multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Crystal Taliefero and saxophonist Mark Rivera. Byrnes will be going into the Hall of Fame under the category of Long Island Hired Gun Award.

If you haven’t thought much about hired guns, check out on Netflix, the documentary titled Hired Gun. If offers an inside glimpse into the world of hired musicians and what they go through.

Besides playing in Billy Joel’s band, Tommy Byrnes is also a member of the Billy Joel tribute band, Big Shot, which is fronted by Mike DelGuidice on lead vocals and piano. DelGuidice is also in Billy Joel’s band, playing rhythm guitar and is known for his remarkably similar sounding Billy Joel voice which makes him perfectly suited for background vocals.

Want to see a snippet of Byrnes guitar abilities? Check out his guitar solo, from Mulcahy’s Pub in Wantaugh:

For more information on Billy Joel, please visit his official homepage:

To learn more about Big Shot and their tour dates, check out their official website:

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Long Island’s D’Addario’s Marketing Could Affect Local Musicians in a Good Way

October 22, 2018:

The well-known string company is making music videos featuring great musicians you may not have heard of:

D'Addario videos

Sarah Thawer, is a self-taught drummer from Toronto, who’s not a household name (yet). A little more than a year ago, she received a call that led to her starring in a music video for an unlikely producer: D’Addario, the century-old, Long Island, family-owned maker of guitar strings and other musical accessories.

Thawer is part of a growing class of quirky virtuosos with big online followings who are helping instrument companies reach new customers. While D’Addario’s sponsored roster also includes starry names like Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Josh Klinghoffer and Cage the Elephant’s Brad Shultz, the company is seeing more traction with smaller, social media-savvy musicians and has consequently been inundated with emails from managers, publicists and labels hoping to put their acts in its videos.

“There’s a lot of value in seeing the in-between, the stuff that’s not perfect, the stuff that’s just conversational,” says Yvette Young, who plays math rock — known for its unconventional time signatures — in D’Addario’s Guitar Power series and has 130,000 Instagram followers.

Could D’Addario be looking for local Long Island musicians for their next series of videos? It’s entirely possible!

Here’s a link to the comprehensive article on this story, written by Grant Rindner, that appeared recently on

Here’s a video that D’Addario produced, that’s part of their Guitar Power Series:

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In case you missed any of Under the Radar’s recent blogs

October 17, 2018:

Scroll down to see these stories and a lot more:

under the radar long island musical talent

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Decadia up for ‘Best of Long Island’ Awards

October 15, 2018:

The Long Island tribute band Decadia has been nominated for two “Best of Long Island” honors in the 2019 “Best of Long Island” competition:

Long Island Band Decadia

They will be competing for “Best Cover Band” and “Best Band- Noncover” in the iconic and highly acclaimed “Best of Long Island” contests.

Decadia is well-known for performing such themed shows as “80′s and Beyond,” “Grease Tribute” and “Blockbusters.”

According to the band’s website (link below):

“Although Decadia started out as an ’80s cover band, they have developed into so much more. An eight piece band fronted by three world class vocalists, they are able to perform a huge variety of material, and deliver the songs with the high energy needed to make audiences dance until they drop.

As New York’s premier ’80s cover band, a Decadia show is jam packed with your favorite hits from the ’80s but also includes ’70s classics, ’90s favorites blockbuster movie soundtracks and current hits.”

Over the weekend, Decadia performed at Mulcahy’s Pub and Concert Hall, along with the band 45 RPM.

On Friday, November 30, Decadia will be returning to Mulcahy’s for their Grease tribute show, where they will perform the iconic songs from the classic play and film. Additionally on a large screen backdrop, you will see video scenes televised.

Here’s a video of the band performing Grease cover songs:

To learn more about Decadia and their music, check out their website:

And here’s a link to their facebook page:

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