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October 17, 2018:

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Decadia up for ‘Best of Long Island’ Awards

October 15, 2018:

The Long Island tribute band Decadia has been nominated for two “Best of Long Island” honors in the 2019 “Best of Long Island” competition:

Long Island Band Decadia

They will be competing for “Best Cover Band” and “Best Band- Noncover” in the iconic and highly acclaimed “Best of Long Island” contests.

Decadia is well-known for performing such themed shows as “80′s and Beyond,” “Grease Tribute” and “Blockbusters.”

According to the band’s website (link below):

“Although Decadia started out as an ’80s cover band, they have developed into so much more. An eight piece band fronted by three world class vocalists, they are able to perform a huge variety of material, and deliver the songs with the high energy needed to make audiences dance until they drop.

As New York’s premier ’80s cover band, a Decadia show is jam packed with your favorite hits from the ’80s but also includes ’70s classics, ’90s favorites blockbuster movie soundtracks and current hits.”

Over the weekend, Decadia performed at Mulcahy’s Pub and Concert Hall, along with the band 45 RPM.

On Friday, November 30, Decadia will be returning to Mulcahy’s for their Grease tribute show, where they will perform the iconic songs from the classic play and film. Additionally on a large screen backdrop, you will see video scenes televised.

Here’s a video of the band performing Grease cover songs:

To learn more about Decadia and their music, check out their website:

And here’s a link to their facebook page:

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Taking Back Sunday – a New Album, 20th Anniversary, and World Tour

October 11, 2018:

It’s been quite a month for Long Island’s Taking Back Sunday. Besides their new album, and planned huge tour, they were just chosen to be inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame:

Long Island band Taking Back Sunday

Craft Recordings is excited to announce a special collaboration with Taking Back Sunday, in recognition of the band’s 20th anniversary. As part of this year-long celebration, the band will be launching an extensive world tour.

The group will be paying tribute to their extensive catalog – and their fans – with the very unusual effort of performing full album concerts. Craft is planning to release a special career (to date)-spanning compilation, titled Twenty. The 21-song collection will be released in January 2019, and will span all seven of their full-length albums, and is also going to contain a couple of surprises.

The pre-order for Twenty will launch October 30, 2019.

Meanwhile check out the band’s official tour trailer video:

“It feels strange to say out loud…2019 marks 20 years since I joined Taking Back Sunday and my life changed forever,” remarks singer Adam Lazzara. “So, next year we will be traveling the world to celebrate the amazing brotherhood, music and life we have created together over the past 20 years. We hope you can join us for what is sure to be an experience to remember.”

To see the complete article on this story, please visit the site. click here:

To visit the band’s official website, click here:

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