September 10, 2018:

Polizzi beat out a lot of outstanding competition to win the prestigious award:

Lisa Polizzi

In a very emotional acceptance speech, Polizzi thanked the various people who helped her along her musical journey. “I come from Long Island, New York,” she said, and she remarked that “Long Island is so full of talent.” “The world is so blessed to have music. Music gets us through so much. I couldn’t even imagine my life not doing this,” she said. “Thank you, God and thank you, Jesus.”

This is not the first time Polizzi has been recognized. Last year she was nominated for two “Best of Long Island” awards, which included “Best Singer from Long Island” and “Best Cover Band on Long Island.” In 2014, Polizzi was one of the three winners of the “Best Singer from Long Island” award.

Here’s a video of Lisa performing:

To learn more about Long Island’s rising star, and her band, check out Polizzi’s official website page:

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