August 6, 2018

Sons of Sound – from right, Ben Goldsmith, Ben Bustamante and James Bandini, recently took the stage at KJ Farrell’s in Bellmore:

Sons of Sound, School of Rock Bellmore

The three member rock group met at Bellmore’s School of Rock where they continue to learn and hone their impressive musical skills.

The trio consists of 12-year-old guitarist and vocalist Ben Goldsmith, of Merrick; 14-year-old Ben Bustamante, of Valley Stream, on drums; and 15-year-old Bandini, of Oceanside, on bass. At the KJ Farrell show, the pressure of being young musicians kept the atmosphere tense for the band, they said, but they took the stage with confidence.

“We were once told we’re too young for the blues,” said bassist James Bandini. “We’re gonna play it anyway.”

“I know these kids have a future in music,” said Gingee Bustamante, Ben’s mother. “They eat, sleep and breathe music. They were born with it. It’s in their DNA.”

Because of their age, the musicians have noted times when they were underrated. “Some people think we’re just cute little kids playing guitars,” Goldsmith said.

“More Than Me,” a song on Goldsmith’s solo EP, is about that struggle for recognition. In the lyrics, Goldsmith expresses frustration because he is judged based on his age before he showcases his musical abilities. Music carries more meaning than the artists’ ages, he said.

The members of Sons of Sound are planning to record and release their own EP and will return to Merrick and Bellmore for future performances.

Andrew Garcia wrote a terrific story about the band for the Long Island Herald. Please check out his article. Click here:,105763

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