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Long Island’s – The Lemon Twigs To Release Their Second Album

July 13, 2018

The band is anchored by two young brothers, Brian and Michael D’Addario; a pair of wunderkinds who demonstrate extraordinary musical abilities:

The Lemon Twigs

Soon the Lemon Twigs will release their second album, titled “Go to School”, the LP will arrive on August 24 via 4AD. According to Sarah Murphy of “The project is an ambitious and wildly imaginative one, telling the story of a chimpanzee named Shane, who’s raised as a human boy and faces all the coming-of-age challenges that entails.”

The recording process was a family affair, as brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario enlisted their mom to play the role of Shane’s mother, accompanied by the well known musical legend Todd Rundgren as the fictional chimp’s father. The boys’ actual father, Ronnie D’Addario, a long-time musician in his own-right, also made contributions to the record, as did Big Star’s Jody Stephens.

Cam Lindsay, wrote a story on the Lemon Twigs, titled “Six Things You Need to Know About Teen Sensations the Lemon Twigs” back in 2016. Here’s a link to that article:

To learn more about the Lemon Twigs, visit their website:

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Today’s New Way of Marketing Your Music

July 11, 2018

If you’re looking to promote your music, here’s some useful tips:

tips to market your music

As a musician, there’s almost nothing as important as getting your music onto the web to build a solid base of listeners and fans. After all, what’s the point if you have terrific songs and no one hears them? The internet has tons of ways to make your band and music known to a wide audience, all over the world.

Instagram has recently created a new feature that can be particularly helpful to musicians. Users can now add pieces of music to their Instagram stories, which makes it a powerful tool for you to promote new songs and create interest in your material.

Here are some other ideas:

Use Social Media.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have proven themselves to be very successful marketing tools, if used the correct way. Once you have set up your account and profile, you’re free to use theses sites in umlimited quantities (but don’t overwhelm your audience with too frequent postings). These are great sites to share news, photos, updates, tour announcements and even new music with your subscribers. Remember, overuse can work to your disadvantage because everyone’s social media feeds are already highly saturated with information. Very long, or boring, or too many posts must be avoided.

It’s essential to be on multiple services. Don’t limit yourself to a single platform. Younger listeners may prefer Instagram or Snapchat with its emphasis on stories and pictures, but keep in mind, older folks generally lean more towards Twitter and Facebook.

Don’t Forget the More Traditional Ways of Marketing…

…and by “traditional” that means newsletters, a well-designed web homepage, and old-time printed handouts and posters (to hang at bars and anywhere else you can think of).
Sure, social media posts seem easy and have the advantage of being free, while email campaigns and a professional website design usually require additional costs. But if you think that cost is reason enough to disregard them, you’re wrong.

With the proper software tools, Email blasts are fairly easy to design and use. They allow you to announce valuable information to your fans. Furthermore, a professional website is not only the number one source where fans can find information about you, but can also increase your chances of playing bigger venues or landing better gigs (trust me on this from my own personal experience).

Share Your Work On As Many Platforms As You Can

Allow fans and potential fans a chance to hear your music in order to get them interested and hooked. On platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, or Bandcamp, you can share and sell your music and let listeners comment and weigh in their thoughts on individual songs.

If you are looking to expand your fan base, and chances are that’s probably the case – you should check out NoiseTrade. It’s a platform where you can upload a song, offer it to people as a free download in exchange for their email address, and in the process, gain more subscribers who enjoy your music and will “follow you”.

Apart from utilizing every new music marketing tool there is, also make sure to get around playing as much as you can and don’t underestimate the appeal that physical copies of music still possess. Vinyl records have since made their way back onto the shelves, and there is an increasing number of people who enjoy cassette tapes as if the 80s have never left them.

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Lynbrook’s Danny Weinkauf and the Red Pants Band to Play Long Island Children’s Museum

July 9, 2018

Fresh off two album releases for his two different bands, and a 50 city tour, Weinkauf is bringing his Red Pants Band to perform on two dates this Summer at the Long Island Children’s Museum:

Danny Weinkauf and Red Pants Band

The frontman Danny Weinkauf, center, and his Red Pants band (drummer Steve Plesnarski and bassist Tina Kenny Jones) are pictured above.

Weinkauf’s other band, They Might Be Giants, where he plays the bass, has had a very active start to 2018. The group released a new album in January, entitled “I Like Fun.” The release marks the 20th studio album the band has put out in its 36-year history.

To learn more about the Red Pants Band visit

To purchase tickets for the Red Pants Band shows at the LICM go to

Justin Zion wrote a great article on Danny and his two bands. Check out his article here:,104801

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Barrage – An Onslaught of Classic Rock

July 6, 2018

The band’s slogan, as cited in the heading, sounds like the definition you’d find in a dictionary when looking up the meaning of Barrage…

Barrage - Long Island Cover Band

To save you the time and trouble, the word “barrage” is officially defined as “a concentrated artillery bombardment over a wide area.” However, the band’s motto defines this quartet perfectly.

Barrage is a Long Island, four-member classic rock band that covers the 60′s to the 90′s. The group has been together since 2009, and consists of: Mark Nygren (Bass, backing vocals , Matt Bruno (lead vocals, and guitar), Dr. Paul Scarola (drums), and Barry Weiss (lead guitar, backing vocals).

Earlier this year, with brand new lead singer Matt Bruno, Barrage played a fundraiser for the Good Samaritan Hospital Pediatric Department. Bear in mind Matt had only been with the band for four weeks when the event took place.

Hosted by DJ Orlando from Long Island radio station 94.3 FM The Shark, it was setup as a battle of the bands contest. The venue where this took place was 89 North in Patchogue.

In order to qualify for the contest, each band had to have at least one medical Doctor in the group.

Moments after the final performance of the event, Orlando declared Barrage the winner!

I asked lead guitarist Barry Weiss, what it’s like to play in a battle of the bands contest. He said “This battle of the bands I thought was just slightly nerve-racking. We were all well rehearsed. The rehearsals focused on just the set for this gig for over a month. We already knew the songs, so it was just a matter of getting Matt, our new lead singer up to speed. Which he did amazingly. He memorized the lyrics so he did not need to look at any onstage. I was checking out the other bands facebook pages to see what they were like prior to the event. Most of them I saw that they played softer music like 60′s or country. Being on last we got to see what they were about. We were also the youngest of the bands and we knew that we would blow them away since we were doing good classic rock. Everyone that night were talented and professional and it all went very smoothly. It really was a great time and the crowd loved it. Hard to believe people got so into it on a Sunday afternoon.”

Barry also mentioned that the buzz continuing throughout the hospital and community has sparked demand for additional performances. Furthermore, the success of this event has enabled Barrage to secure the opening slot for a major Long Island tribute act.

To see Barrage live, their next gig is Friday July 20th at 89 North in Patchogue. They go on at 8pm (opening act) and will be doing one 90 minute set. Doors open at 7 for advanced ticket holders. Here is a link to buy tickets for the gig:

To learn more about this great band, and see their videos too, visit their facebook page:

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New Musical Venue and Recording Studio Coming to Long Island City

July 2, 2018

It’s called “The Arc” and it’s opening in the Kaufman Arts District of Long Island City, Queens:

the Arc in Long Island City

If the project stays on schedule, by 2019, Billboard reports that there will be two separate performance areas inside.

One venue will have a capacity of 389 people, and another will accommodate 1,690. Former Webster Hall executive Vice President, Rich Pawelczyk has been hired as Chief Operating Officer and he will be in charge of bookings, as well as brand sponsorship and strategic media partnerships.

More from Billboard:
“The Arc is set in a 1931 vintage building that features multiple performance spaces, a state-of-the-art recording studio, a sound stage and high-grade acoustics that organizers say “will rank among the finest in the world.” Taking up a full city block, the venue will include a media center for streaming, a 24-hour café featuring the cuisine of 600+ local food vendors and spaces for local talent and community collaborations.”

“A project of this size and magnitude doesn’t happen too often in New York City,” said Pawelczyk, which he estimates is only 12 minutes from Midtown Manhattan via car or subway.

“The building itself is the connective tissue to all the things we hope to be doing,” he says. “It has a beautiful Douglas Fir wood arc in the ceiling, which is one of the reasons we named the venue The Arc, as well as the career arc for artists playing in our smallest space and then our larger space and then doing some of the digital properties we’re going to be rolling out in conjunction with the brick and mortar.”

Bill Pearis, writing for wrote more about the Arc opening. Please check out his story here:

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