July 26, 2018

Parrish got to live out a dream and play on stage with the well-known band:

Nickelback and Mark Parrish

Nickelback is no small-town band, and this wasn’t a local bar with a handful of patrons. Give credit to Parrish who is used to playing in front of packed arenas; just not with a musical instrument.

Parrish got up on stage and played “Animals” with the rock band on stage Sunday evening in Minnesota.

The retired NHL player was a 30 goal scorer and did a solid job with this song (see video below). Animals came out in 2005 and was on the album “All The Right Reasons”. That means that when Nickelback was in the studio recording this song, Parrish was putting up 24 goals with the Islanders in the regular season (and playing some of the same arenas that Nickelback has played).

Parrish scored over 200 goals in his NHL career, and his best year came in 2001-2002 when he had 60 points for the Islanders.

These days Parrish is still on Long Island, and serves as a part-time announcer for MSG. He does a very good job covering the games for the Islanders.

Here’s the video:

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