July 13, 2018

The band is anchored by two young brothers, Brian and Michael D’Addario; a pair of wunderkinds who demonstrate extraordinary musical abilities:

The Lemon Twigs

Soon the Lemon Twigs will release their second album, titled “Go to School”, the LP will arrive on August 24 via 4AD. According to Sarah Murphy of exclaim.ca “The project is an ambitious and wildly imaginative one, telling the story of a chimpanzee named Shane, who’s raised as a human boy and faces all the coming-of-age challenges that entails.”

The recording process was a family affair, as brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario enlisted their mom to play the role of Shane’s mother, accompanied by the well known musical legend Todd Rundgren as the fictional chimp’s father. The boys’ actual father, Ronnie D’Addario, a long-time musician in his own-right, also made contributions to the record, as did Big Star’s Jody Stephens.

Cam Lindsay, wrote a story on the Lemon Twigs, titled “Six Things You Need to Know About Teen Sensations the Lemon Twigs” back in 2016. Here’s a link to that article: http://exclaim.ca/music/article/six_things_to_know_about_teen_sensations_the_lemon_twigs

To learn more about the Lemon Twigs, visit their website: http://thelemontwigs.com/

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