July 6, 2018

The band’s slogan, as cited in the heading, sounds like the definition you’d find in a dictionary when looking up the meaning of Barrage…

Barrage - Long Island Cover Band

To save you the time and trouble, the word “barrage” is officially defined as “a concentrated artillery bombardment over a wide area.” However, the band’s motto defines this quartet perfectly.

Barrage is a Long Island, four-member classic rock band that covers the 60′s to the 90′s. The group has been together since 2009, and consists of: Mark Nygren (Bass, backing vocals , Matt Bruno (lead vocals, and guitar), Dr. Paul Scarola (drums), and Barry Weiss (lead guitar, backing vocals).

Earlier this year, with brand new lead singer Matt Bruno, Barrage played a fundraiser for the Good Samaritan Hospital Pediatric Department. Bear in mind Matt had only been with the band for four weeks when the event took place.

Hosted by DJ Orlando from Long Island radio station 94.3 FM The Shark, it was setup as a battle of the bands contest. The venue where this took place was 89 North in Patchogue.

In order to qualify for the contest, each band had to have at least one medical Doctor in the group.

Moments after the final performance of the event, Orlando declared Barrage the winner!

I asked lead guitarist Barry Weiss, what it’s like to play in a battle of the bands contest. He said “This battle of the bands I thought was just slightly nerve-racking. We were all well rehearsed. The rehearsals focused on just the set for this gig for over a month. We already knew the songs, so it was just a matter of getting Matt, our new lead singer up to speed. Which he did amazingly. He memorized the lyrics so he did not need to look at any onstage. I was checking out the other bands facebook pages to see what they were like prior to the event. Most of them I saw that they played softer music like 60′s or country. Being on last we got to see what they were about. We were also the youngest of the bands and we knew that we would blow them away since we were doing good classic rock. Everyone that night were talented and professional and it all went very smoothly. It really was a great time and the crowd loved it. Hard to believe people got so into it on a Sunday afternoon.”

Barry also mentioned that the buzz continuing throughout the hospital and community has sparked demand for additional performances. Furthermore, the success of this event has enabled Barrage to secure the opening slot for a major Long Island tribute act.

To see Barrage live, their next gig is Friday July 20th at 89 North in Patchogue. They go on at 8pm (opening act) and will be doing one 90 minute set. Doors open at 7 for advanced ticket holders. Here is a link to buy tickets for the gig: http://89northmusic.com/days/d-07-20-2018/

To learn more about this great band, and see their videos too, visit their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/barragerock/

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