June 27, 2018

The wait is almost finally over as local and no-so-local music fans and performers get ready for the reopening of My Father’s Place. The first performer will be Buster Poindexter:

my father's place reopening

Photo above: Buster Poindexter (left) who will be playing My Father’s Place and Michael “Eppy” Epstein (right).

Poindexter, is from Staten Island and performs a combination of jazz, lounge, calypso and novelty songs. His first hit song was “Hot Hot Hot,”. His appearance takes place at the club on Friday 8 pm. The inaugural show is sold out.

The 225-seat dinner club is very different from the original My Father’s Place, which closed in 1987. The new version is a much more intimate, adult atmosphere, owner Michael “Eppy” Epstein said.

“We decided to bring it back because a lot of us are unhappy that there is no music industry to speak of and it takes so long for a band like 21 Pilots or Cage the Elephant to break so many albums,” Epstein said. “It takes so long to develop the brand that I’m hoping to give a little helping hand to young bands and young artists, whether they’re jazz, rock, blues, country, comedy, reggae, everything.”

The opening weekend will continue with Livingston Taylor, (another sold out performance) on Saturday. The show features special guests Chris Kinnear and Andy Aledort. Then Roomful of Blues, an American blues and swing revival big band, plays the venue on Sunday.

Tickets for Roomful of Blues are available for $35 at myfathersplace.com. Here’s the link: https://myfathersplace.showare.com/orderticketsarea.asp?p=5&a=2&src=default

Roslyn Hotel owner Sumeer Kakar said the club will be housed in the current banquet hall and ballroom, and My Father’s Place general manager Dan Kellachan said the club’s main entrance will be through the door from the parking garage.

“There has been tremendous feedback, and people have been reaching out from across the country,” Kakar said. “People across Long Island have fond memories of the club and they have brought it up in conversation, not even knowing I’m involved, as a conversation piece from an electrician working on my house to people in the grocery store. I think it will have a tremendously positive impact on the hotel and Roslyn.”

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