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Bon JourneyNY – One Band Coving Two Great Groups

June 30, 2018

BonJourneyNY is a New York based Tribute Band paying tribute to Bon Jovi and Journey. The band and their high energy show, has been entertaining fans throughout the Tri-State area for eight years:

Bon JourneyNY

Bon JourneyNY is truly a unique tribe band, since they blend the music of both Bon Jovi and Journey within each set. Additionally they also sometimes perform a “Rock Of 80′s” show that’s done at special events! They not only capture the sound of each group, but the energy and spirit of both bands too.

Bon Jovi and Journey were both recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Bon Jovi in 2018, and Journey in 2017. The two groups’ many hits continue to be very popular and both bands remain a steady fixture in today’s musical culture and constant airplay on classic rock radio stations.

It’s that culture and popularity that prompted keyboard player Nick Troiani to start the dual tribute band in 2010.

“Both bands are so iconic and similar in many ways,” said Troiani, in a recent interview. “The fact these bands songs bring such warm memories to people is a perfect fit.”

Troiani became a fan as a teenager.

“I’ve seen both bands multiple times,” he said. “They have put on awesome shows.” However, the idea of putting a combination tribute band together came as a second thought.

“My concept originally was to form a Journey tribute band,” said Troiani. “But after doing research, I noticed there was a number of Journey bands yet only one Jovi band. I thought to myself, ‘Let me merge these two bands. Nobody is doing dual tribute bands.’ And if you’re a Journey fan, you are probably a Jovi fan.”

“Next came the task of actually building the band. “Once the concept was conceived, I began searching for musicians,” said Troiani. “I bumped into longtime friend Rennie Xosa at a bank by chance and ran the idea by him. Rennie was an experienced bass player and spent his life working as a professional musician. He was on board, and then we began holding auditions.”

“Our drummer Matt Ricci was next to join. He answered an ad on Craig’s List. And he was a huge Journey fan. The three of us have been in the band since 2010. Guitarist Sean Tarr joined in 2013. He was highly recommended from a fellow musician. I feel he elevated the band with his playing and his awesome vocal harmonies.”

“In fall 2014 Joey Ragz joined the band. Our original singer quit the day before one of our shows. Joey stepped right in without rehearsing and blew the room away. We know we had the right guy to front the band.”

The band averages about 65 shows a year, most of them on the East Coast and many right in our area.

So find out for yourself what other fans have been discovering for some time now… come out and have a memorable fun time with Bon JourneyNY! To see when Bon JourneyNY will be playing near you, visit their website:

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Rock Returns to Roslyn with My Father’s Place Opening

June 27, 2018

The wait is almost finally over as local and no-so-local music fans and performers get ready for the reopening of My Father’s Place. The first performer will be Buster Poindexter:

my father's place reopening

Photo above: Buster Poindexter (left) who will be playing My Father’s Place and Michael “Eppy” Epstein (right).

Poindexter, is from Staten Island and performs a combination of jazz, lounge, calypso and novelty songs. His first hit song was “Hot Hot Hot,”. His appearance takes place at the club on Friday 8 pm. The inaugural show is sold out.

The 225-seat dinner club is very different from the original My Father’s Place, which closed in 1987. The new version is a much more intimate, adult atmosphere, owner Michael “Eppy” Epstein said.

“We decided to bring it back because a lot of us are unhappy that there is no music industry to speak of and it takes so long for a band like 21 Pilots or Cage the Elephant to break so many albums,” Epstein said. “It takes so long to develop the brand that I’m hoping to give a little helping hand to young bands and young artists, whether they’re jazz, rock, blues, country, comedy, reggae, everything.”

The opening weekend will continue with Livingston Taylor, (another sold out performance) on Saturday. The show features special guests Chris Kinnear and Andy Aledort. Then Roomful of Blues, an American blues and swing revival big band, plays the venue on Sunday.

Tickets for Roomful of Blues are available for $35 at Here’s the link:

Roslyn Hotel owner Sumeer Kakar said the club will be housed in the current banquet hall and ballroom, and My Father’s Place general manager Dan Kellachan said the club’s main entrance will be through the door from the parking garage.

“There has been tremendous feedback, and people have been reaching out from across the country,” Kakar said. “People across Long Island have fond memories of the club and they have brought it up in conversation, not even knowing I’m involved, as a conversation piece from an electrician working on my house to people in the grocery store. I think it will have a tremendously positive impact on the hotel and Roslyn.”

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Get the Led Out at the Paramount

June 25, 2018

The Led Zeppelin Tribute Band returns to Long Island this Friday, June 29 and Saturday, June 30 at 8 p.m.

Get the Led Out appearing at the Paramount

If you’re a fan of Led Zeppelin you can’t miss this group. They truly capture the sounds Led Zep and play the entire band’s catalog.

What makes their shows so fun is that they pride themselves on playing so many Zeppelin songs. That means the second evening will have entirely new sets, with little or no overlap. So in this case it really does make sense to see them at the Paramount both evenings.

From the Paramount’s own website, here’s additional information about the band:

“From the bombastic and epic, to the folky and mystical, Get The Led Out (GTLO) has captured the essence of the recorded music of Led Zeppelin and brought it to the concert stage. The Philadelphia-based group consists of six veteran musicians, intent on delivering Led Zeppelin live, like you’ve never heard before! Utilizing the multi-instrumentalists at their disposal, GTLO re-creates songs, in all their depth and glory, with the studio overdubs that Zeppelin themselves never performed. When you hear three guitars on the album…GTLO delivers three guitarists on stage. No wigs or fake English accents, GTLO brings what the audience wants…a high energy Zeppelin concert with honest, heart-thumping intensity.

Dubbed by the media as “The American Led Zeppelin,” Get The Led Out offers a strong focus on Led Zeppelin’s early years. They touch on the deeper cuts that were seldom, if ever heard in concert. GTLO also includes a special “acoustic set”, with Zep favorites “Tangerine”, and the “Battle of Evermore” being performed in its’ original instrumentation with guest singer Diana DeSantis joining the band.

GTLO has amassed a strong national touring history, having performed at major clubs, and Performing Arts Centers across the country. Venerable clubs include Penn’s Peak, Electric Factory, Best Buy Theater, HOB Boston, Fillmore Charlotte and Ram’s Head Live, Baltimore. PACs include the Sovereign Center, Count Basie Theater, Filene Center at Wolf Trap, Kravis Center, Durham Performing Arts Center, Lynn Memorial Theater, and The Palace in Greensburg. The band made their first appearance at Red Rocks in Denver in the fall of 2014, with an encore performance scheduled for 2015.

Get The Led Out’s approach to performance of this hallowed catalog is not unlike a classical performance. “Led Zeppelin are sort of the classical composers of the rock era,” says lead vocalist Paul Sinclair. “I believe 100 years from now they will be looked at as the Bach or Beethoven of our time. As cliché as it sounds, their music is timeless.”

A Get The Led Out concert mimics the “light and shade” that are the embodiment of “The Mighty Zep.” Whether it’s the passion and fury with which they deliver the blues-soaked, groove-driven rock anthems, it’s their attention to detail and nuance that makes a Get The Led Out performance a truly awe-inspiring event!”

Here’s a link to buy tickets:

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Paul McCartney Performs at a Long Island Wedding

June 20, 2018

While having nothing to do with upcoming gigs or undiscovered bands, it’s still a great story:

Paul McCarney perfoming on Long Island at a wedding

Paul McCartney this past weekend provided wedding guests an evening they won’t ever forget.

The legend and former Beatles member, surprised his nephew and his bride with a performance of the classic love song, “I Saw Her Standing There” at their nuptials at a Long Island country club on Saturday. The link to his performance is below.

McCartney, when playing at other performer’s concerts, often plays “I Saw Her Standing There”. Paul, like many of us musicians, also has his “go-to” songs and this is one of them.

The unrehearsed and impromptu performance was in front of 300 people at the Fresh Meadow Country Club, located in Lake Success, Long Island.

McCartney as you would expect, nailed the rendition of his classic song with the help of the 20-piece wedding band. Besides the guests, I’m sure the 20 musicians must have had a blast playing alongside this musical icon.

Incidentally, the groom is from McCartney’s wife Nancy’s side of the family.

Here’s a link to the video:

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Tonight is Musicians’ Night at Shandon Court

June 18, 2018

Open spots are available, so come on down to Shandon Court in East Islip for their open mic night:

open mic night at Shandon court east islip ny

Musician and host, Gil McLean runs the weekly event:

  • Are you a hobbyist musician or singer seeking to play out somewhere?

  • Are you a new act seeking a “baptism of fire” to see how you sound in front of people?

  • Are you a semi-professional or professional band seeking to expand your circuit of gigs?

  • Do you just like to play live music and need somewhere low key, yet fun, to go?

  • Do you perhaps want to make a live video of your act and you want some crowd and ambience instead of just filming at home?

    If so, the NEW and improved Musicians’ Night at Shandon Court may be the place for you! Here’s how it works.

    Musicians’ Night is every Monday. It is a four hour night subdivided into eight half-hour time slots, between 7.00 pm and 11.00 pm. If you are an act without drums you get a half-hour. If you are an act with drums you get an hour. Factor in your set up and break down time, Gil figures it’s roughly a wash as to performance time with or without drums.

    Hosted by Gil McLean, who will also serve to fill any downtime with his own musical performances (and who will also help you with your gear), Shandon Court provides a house PA– Mackie 808 powered mixer, Bose ceiling-mounted overheads serving as mains and monitors, as well as JBL subwoofer– which should cover most of your needs. Bring your drums, amps, keys, tech– whatever you feel makes you comfortable when playing.

    Gil requests that you try to keep it simple though, as they will have multiple performers for the night.

    VENUE DETAILS- Shandon Court is located at 115 East Main Street, East Islip, NY. (631) 581-5678.

    RESERVATIONS- How do you get in on it? Simple. Direct-message Gil or call/(preferably)text 631-891-8359 and he will put you on the schedule at an open time of your convenience.

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