May 14, 2018

The newest Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band has a tradition of inviting young bands to open its concerts. Several Long Island bands have gotten the chance and now it was Tempt’s turn:

tempt at msg thanks to Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi has done it again (with a little help from WBAB). Bon Jovi assisted an up-and-coming band to play a high-profile show, selecting Tempt to open for them at Madison Square Garden last Thursday.

“We can’t thank [Jon Bon Jovi] enough for paying it back and extending a helping hand down to us and the other bands that have had the opportunity to open for him,” Tempt singer Zach Allen, a former Huntington native who now lives in Roslyn, said in a statement. “It is a rare occurrence these days. Opening for a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer at Madison Square Garden is unfreakinbelievable!”

Several Long Island bands have gotten the invite from Bon Jovi in the past, including Newsday’s Battle of the Bands winner Oak & Ash last year and Dix Hills’ Stage, in 1995.

Tempt was helped out and brought to Bon Jovi’ attention, thanks to WBAB radio and “Fingers” (the radio station’s afternoon DJ), “We’re so proud that a young, energetic Long Island band is getting this monumental shot so early in their musical career,” Fingers said. “Tempt brings a fresh perspective to a classic sound with great melodies, memorable riffs and a polished presentation that harkens back to the arena rock bands of the 80s. It’s like these guys were born to play arenas, and WBAB is thrilled to have put them there!”

Tempt made the most of their opportunity by releasing a video for their song “Under My Skin” to promote their debut as MSG.

“We’re a rock band and Bon Jovi is baked into our DNA,” Tempt guitarist Harrison Marcello said in a statement. “We’re fans of theirs in the truest sense. We respect Jon as an artist, songwriter and producer and also really admire his work ethic and his management skills as he has continued to lead the band from success to success on a career that few other artists have.”

This is not the first time Tempt has been helped by an iconic rock band:

“Awesome job!” wrote Joe Elliott, lead singer for Def Leppard on their Twitter , Facebook, and Instagram accounts, in response to Tempt’s terrific version of Def Leppard’s classic “Women.” “Def Leppard is, by far, my favorite band,” guitarist Harrison Marcello told Royal Flush. “Hysteria was one of the first albums I discovered when I was younger and covering that song was amazing, because I’m obsessed with it. I think I’ve listened to it about 10,000 times, according to my iTunes play tracker so the shout out was insane! It obviously validates my inner fanboy,” joked Marcello.

To learn more about Tempt, visit their website:

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