May 11, 2018

Kate Usher and Kevin Angiulo, from the band Sturdy Souls are pictured below. They share a love for two things: music and surfing:

Long island's sturdy souls

Sturdy Souls is an up and coming alternative soul-pop-rock band from Montauk Long Island.

Kate (lead singer for the band) met Kevin (the guitarist) a couple of years ago when Usher, 24, spotted Angiulo, 25, playing harmonica on the beach. She mentioned she sings and they loosely agreed to have a jam session one day.

It wasn’t until months later when they were both in Rincón, Puerto Rico that they got-up on stage together to perform. The chemistry was evident. “We both looked at each other in that moment and were like, ‘We should definitely do this,’” Usher said. “So I dropped out of college and this became my full-time job.”

To learn more about Kate, Kevin, and their band Sturdy Souls, check out this article and interview.

Long Island Pulse did a terrific piece on them: Here’s the link:

To learn more about the band, see their tour schedule, and watch the band’s videos, visit their website:

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