May 8, 2018

My blog, Under the Radar has taken off. Some days the blog has over 1,000 unique visitors. Below you’ll find ways you can have success too:

Under the Radar blog tells how to use facebook to get readers to your website

I’m getting the hang of this blog-stuff and how to drive traffic to my web site.

As most of you know, my blog was started recently to help local musicians get some needed publicity.

An additional benefit of doing this blog is that I’m hoping that my band, The Breslau Bombers, gains some publicity too since my band-mates agreed to have us host the Under the Radar blog site.

Although I’m still learning the ropes of running and marketing a blog, I know from my full-time career in marketing how important it is to try new marketing platforms, and to test new ideas and campaigns. The most important thing I’ve learned in my thirty years in the world of marketing is to try new things; and it’s imperative that each and every attempt is followed by an analysis of the results.

That means you have to measure and decipher what’s working and what isn’t and you need to factor in the cost . The higher the monetary cost of the specific marketing item, the more success you will need to make it worth while. There’s no excuse to keep throwing away money and not knowing if a campaign or advertising expense is cost effective.

It’s hard to argue that Facebook will not yield results – especially since the cost of Facebook marketing can be free. And Facebook has a very economical program where for a small amount of money, they will help get your messages out to people you don’t know.

If you’re like me, using Facebook to drive traffic to your blog and/or website, you will want to see this link to a recent article that has great advice. I’m using ideas in the article with terrific results.

Perhaps you should too! Here’s the link:

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