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Breslau Bombers Playing at Peoples Pub on Friday With Free Admission

April 19, 2018

Come out, hang out, dance, sing, and see a great band and partake in an increasingly rare occurrence – Free Admission:

Breslau Bombers Long Island Band gig

Peoples Pub & Sports bar is located at 1972 Jericho Turnpike, in East Northport and will be the landing site of the Breslau Bombers on Friday April 20th.

The band goes on at 8 pm sharp and will play four sets of live music. Covering classic rock songs of the 60s , 70s, and 80s, the set lists include great dance and sing-a-long tunes.

There are a couple of things that make this band special – three great vocalists, each with a different style and sound, sing classic tunes in a familiar and authentic vibe. While the band does not strive to sound exactly like the original recordings, as some tribute bands do, the Bombers get close enough to give the audience an enjoyable and memorable evening.

Some tidbits about the three main singers. Matt Collorafi (keyboards, vocals) sounds remarkably like Robert Plant, while Frank Ruiss (drums, vocals), nails Jim Morrison and the Doors covers, equally well. Jim Ahl (guitar, vocals) has the perfect robust voice to handle blues classics and other iconic songs. Michael Borkan (guitar and vocals) even gets into the act with an occasional lead song and background vocals on many of the tunes.

Besides great vocals, the band has a catchy groove, that will have patrons dancing thanks to bass player Dan Gribbins and Frank Ruiss on drums.

It’s been a while since the Breslau Bombers have had the opportunity to be seen and heard without a cover charge. Come out Friday to support Long Island live music, Peoples Pub and the Breslau Bombers.

Here is the link to Breslau Bombers website:

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Under the Radar Blog Hits Explosive Growth

April 18, 2018

In just 19 days since our launch, we’ve gone from a handful of visitors on day-one, to yesterday’s staggering 1,631 unique visits. A big thank you to the Long Island musical community:

Under the radar blog

For a blog that’s only just begun, and is still finding it’s voice and style, the future looks very promising.

Under the Radar  has interviewed bands, highlighted record and EP releases, touted upcoming gigs, praised those that fix our instruments, and helped get the word out about upcoming events and festivals, – and a lot more.

Music bands have reached out for help in getting their music promoted and we’re happy to help. Please keep in touch and let us know what you’re up to, and let’s keep getting the word out about Long Island and the people that make our music scene so special.

And don’t forget the stories and blogs here are absolutely free, we only ask in return that you link the story we do (and hopefully our blog site) to your facebook page so that we continue to grow. And if I ask for a little help in writing some background, please don’t lecture me that it’s the blog’s responsibility to write the article like one band did – remember, this is a free service, I do this work on the side and most importantly – we’re all in this together. Incidentally, that band and their hostility, can go find another free blog to help them.

Here are this month’s blog numbers, according to the site company that we use to keep track of our activity. The numbers on the left column are the unique visits for that day. Please note that the ups and downs you see on various days are a result of how many shout-outs we (and our featured guests) do on sites like facebook and other internet sites. Those several days with low numbers were caused by days in which a new story was not posted.

Under the radar blog

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Woodstock Festival Returns to Long Island

April 17, 2018

This is the closest most of us will ever get to experiencing anything like the iconic concert of 1969. The festival has become an annual event, right here on Long Island:

Long Island woodsock frstival

Festival producer, Rich Rivkin, says “Woodstock Revival is one of my all time favorite days. It’s where I get to dance and hang out at the park with a thousand of my closest friends, and you can see from the expressions on everyone’s face that happiness abounds.”

According to Rivkin, the classic rock scene on Long Island is growing. He believes the reason for the resurgence lies in the popularity of the many quality tribute bands; who’ve been breathing new life into Long Island music venues.

Woodstock Revival 6 is scheduled for Sunday June 10, 2018 and will feature live music by Wonderous Stories, Half Step, Milagro, Jellyband, and the Dave Diamond Band. These artists will be recreating classic songs of The Who, The Grateful Dead, Santana, Sly & The Family Stone, Janis Joplin, The Band, Hendrix, CSNY, Creedence Clearwater Revival and many more.

A 60′s Woodstock feel will be in the air as many attendees will be dressed in tie-dyed shirts, partake in social harmony, and enjoy a long day of great music. In addition to plenty of music, the event will showcase live painting by dozens of artists, kid’s activities, an abundance of food and beverages, yoga, massage and hula hooping.

Long Island woodsock frstival

To purchase tickets, or learn more about the festival, please visit their website by clicking here:

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Historic Guitar With Long Island Roots Fetches $30,000 at Auction

April 16, 2018

Over the weekend, Heritage Auctions sold the Pete Townshend guitar, smashed on-stage in Commack in 1967 for $30,000.00.

Pete Townshend Commack Long Island smashed guitar

Heritage held a large auction in Dallas over the weekend, and in a common occurrence, the winning bidder actually happened to bid over the internet, not in person.

Including the auction house’s “buying fee” also commonly called “the juice”, the smashed guitar sold for $30,000.00.

Every rock and roll fan knows of Pete Townshend’s outrageous behavior of destroying guitars at the end of a concert with his band The Who.

On December 1, 1967, about three years after Pete’s first exploit of guitar vandalism, the 1964 Fender Blue Stratocaster (shown above) became Townshend’s next victim, at the end of The Who concert at the Long Island Arena in Commack, NY.

Collectors of vintage guitars would pay a fortune today for a ’64 Blue Fender Strat. Any Strat before 1966 is considered very desirable, and a rare blue original paint color adds tremendous value to these instruments.

“This an important piece of history from one of the greatest and most important bands in the history of rock-n-roll,” said Heritage Auctions entertainment and music memorabilia director Garry Shrum. “Guitars that were smashed by Pete Townshend became instant history, instruments that never got played after leaving the hands of one of the greatest guitarists of all time.”

The offering included a hand-written statement detailing the smashing of the guitar and the instrument’s history since the pieces were caught by the owner, who has held on to it for a little over 50 years.

It carried a pre-auction estimate of at least $20,000. According to Heritage, “even without the celebrity value, a 1964 Fender Strat in good condition could bring that price; other Townshend ‘smashers’ have sold for as much as $75,000”.

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Long Island’s TAUK Releases New EP

April 15, 2018

TAUK isn’t afraid to change it up and try new things – this recording proves it:

TAUK EP Shapeshifter I: Construct

Long Island’s TAUK, on April 6th, released their new EP, “Shapeshifter I: Construct” (TAUK). It’s the band’s 7th release.

The instrumental band from Oyster Bay consists of guitarist Matt Jalbert, bassist Charlie Dolan, keyboardist Alric “A.C.” Carter and drummer Isaac Teel.

The band made the unusual decision to record the EP in one setting – and old house rather then working in multiple recording studios.

That decision is evident, according to a review by Glenn Gamboa in Newsday: “the EP actually sounds more cohesive, a tall order considering how the band is as eclectic as ever on these instrumentals. “Premises” moves from reggae to rock, before pulling in a jazzy guitar break and blossoming into a grand jam. True to its name, “Malware” starts out sweet and spacey before taking some dark turns.”

“Everything just happened so naturally this time around,” guitarist Jalbert said in a statement. “I can’t think of one moment where it felt like anything was forced. We were all just completely focused and in the same mindset, which made this an incredibly fun and smooth experience.”

During the recording of this EP, the band revealed that they recorded a full album, which they plan to release in September. Currently the band is active on a spring tour, that will finish at the Brooklyn Bowl on May 18 and 19. After that the band plans on hitting the road this summer for the festival circuit.

According the band’s website – “Since their formation, TAUK have shared stages with an impressive list of bands (including Umphrey’s McGee, Widespread Panic, Lettuce, and Robert Randolph) in addition to appearing at festivals like Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, and The Allman Brothers’ Peach Music Festival. That rigorous touring schedule has gone a long way in strengthening their chemistry, according to Carter. “We’re doing over 100 shows a year and we pretty much live with each other, so there’s a healthy respect and trust and love happening there,” he says. “We all have a common goal and an understanding that this is something we’re compelled to do, and that’s definitely brought us close together.” It’s also helped TAUK develop a reputation as a masterful live act: “TAUK is unstoppable,” raved Live for Live Music. “If you haven’t see them, dear God, go.””

Want to learn more about Long Island’s TAUK? Click here to visit their website:

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