March 30, 2018

Today’s blog is not about an under-the-radar musician or band from Long Island; but hopefully it will be of interest to the readers:

Long Island Music Scene

This post will concentrate on helping musicians and bands from Long Island who like my band, find it a challenge to get notoriety and gig dates at local venues.

I stumbled upon this great site by using a search engine to learn about the world of booking agents and promoters. I searched because a friend of mine who works for a large, well-known venue, suggested that he could contact their go-to promoter on my band’s behalf.

The website I found is an excellent resource and it’s filled with help, advice, and comprehensive information about the live music business. The website has a blog, artist and crew resource sections, books by Andy Reynolds (the person who owns the fills the website with content).

Here is the link to the website:

If any Long Island musicians have some advice or experiences with getting local gigs, I’d appreciate hearing from you; and with your permission, I’d like to blog about your tips and give you full credit.

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